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Glenway Trophies


Glenway is the UK Market leader in trophy and award distribution. It is a family run business dedicated to the supply of trophies and awards. This year they celebrate their 39th anniversary. On the 5th of February 2014, Glenway Products went live with their new web site provided by Ex-Commerce to replace an existing but ageing system.

Glenway create exclusive designs and have an ever growing brochure (that can be personalized for your company free of charge) backed up by large stocks that can be relied on throughout the year. Glenway came to Ex-Commerce to re-design their web site and to integrate sales figures with the Exchequer Accounting system. After discussing the requirements with Glenway, it was decided that the best solution was a phased project to redevelop their website and the integration into Exchequer to manage order processing.The second phase would be to look at other areas of the business such as stock control, warehouse management, analysis and reporting.

The date marks the launch of the new web site and the 6 stage web order processing module. The module is designed to keep customers updated on the progress of their order from submission, acceptance, assembly, picking, packing through to delivery code tracking.

Glenway Trophies Ex-Commerce Exchequer Integration
Glenway Trophies
"We are really, really happy with the web site. For trade B2B ordering this is the only proper solution..."
Rachael Blowfield