Exchequer e-commerce enterprise level integration for both trade orders and retail sales direct to the consumer.


Henley Bridge Ingredients


Established over 17 years ago, HB Ingredients are now the largest Independent Chocolate Supplier in the UK, offering the most diverse choice of chocolates from cocoa grown around the world and many other ingredients such as Inclusions & Decorative Products, Conventional, Organic & Fair Trade.

E-commerce has always been an important part of their business strategy and in 2007 they asked Charles to design and build a bespoke e-commerce solution that would allow customers to create orders online.

Since then HB Ingredients have grown year on year expanding their business in all directions and now have an annual turnover in excess of £12m and a team of 40 professional, friendly people.

During this growth Charles has continued to develop their e-commerce system in pace with their requirements. Crucially this has enabled HB Ingredients to migrate and upgrade their internal office systems without interrupting the flow of orders from their web site. When the company adopted Exchequer we were able to merge this into their e-commerce web site without any downtime in taking orders online.

HB Ingredients have since branched into targeted branded web sites to appeal to different market sectors. To facilitate this we have developed the web site further into a system that allows them to launch a new web site extremely quickly, maintaining a single core CMS, filtering appropriate products to their respective site whilst funnelling all customer registration and orders into one company within Exchequer.

HB Ingredients Ex-Commerce Exchequer Integration
HBI Building
"Ex-Commerce has literally transformed our business and we have been able to grow at a much faster rate."
Rohan Stedman