Exchequer e-commerce enterprise level integration for both trade orders and retail sales direct to the consumer.

Ex-Commerce is a fully featured enterprise solution

Compatible with both the SQL and Pervasive editions of Exchequer, Ex-Commerce is founded on a mature tried and tested ecommerce platform Ex-Commerce has all the features and functionality you would expect from a modern e-commerce system. The list of features goes on and on but here we have broken it down into a few key elements that we think are relevant to most Exchequer users.

Exchequer ecommerce synchronised


Exchequer ecommerce stock quantity synchronised


Exchequer ecommerce customers synchronised

Auto Account

Exchequer ecommercentegration hosting

Hosted Website

Exchequer ecommerce responsive website layout

Mobile device

Exchequer ecommerce secure tranactions


Exchequer ecommerce search engine optimised

Fully SEO

Key Features at a glance

Exchequer ecommerce integration automated

Fully automated synchronisation

Automated synchronisation with Exchequer includes all stock discounts, customer discounts, quantity breaks and all other forms of discount. Stock quantities are synchronised in near real time to minimise overlap selling. Orders can be placed by trade customers, retail customers or even your own reps in a B2B style environment.

Exchequer ecommerce integration stock control

Stock quantity control

As items are sold on the web site all stock quantities available are updated so you can't sell the same stock twice.

Exchequer ecommerce integration customer transfer

Fully automated customer account codes

New customers details are automatically transferred to Exchequer when the meet the criteria you set, with unique sequential customer codes that are automatically assigned to their Exchequer account. As customer details change so too are the changes synchronised both ways between the web shop and their account in Exchequer.

Exchequer ecommerce integration hosted solution

Hosted SAS solution

Ex-Commerce is supplied as a fully hosted software as a service solution. All installation, maintenance and security is all taken care of for you. Each site is hosted in state of the art data centres in the UK.

Exchequer ecommerce integration responsive web site

Responsive web layout framework

Using the latest CSS techniques and bootstrap frameworks the web site will automatically adjust itself to best suit your browsing device. From large desktop screens to mobile devices like iPads and smartphones the fluid layout will optimise the user's browsing experience making sure you never miss out on potential orders.

Exchequer ecommerce integration secure transaction

Secure PPI compliant transactions

Built in security ensures that your products, order details, customer records are all kept safe and accessible only to authorised administrators. All card payments are managed by established and approved PPI compliance payment gateway providers.

Exchequer ecommerce integration SEO optimisation

Search Engine Optimised

The comprehensive CMS gives you access to meta tag and SEO text blocks for all elements of the site from categories to products and each individual image on the site. All HTML blocks are WC3 compliant.