Exchequer e-commerce enterprise level integration for both trade orders and retail sales direct to the consumer.

Extending your Exchequer investment

The Ex-Commerce Exchequer Integration package gives you fully integrated 'virtual real time' stock, discounts and customer synchronisation with Exchequer.

  • Dramatically reduce order processing time
  • Eliminate human data entry errors
  • Trade customers create their own orders
  • Sales reps can create an order for any account
  • Exchequer customer discounts synchronised

Seamless merger between Exchequer and the web

Why is integration important to my business?

The Ex-Commerce Exchequer Integration package gives you fully integrated 'virtual real time' stock, discounts and customer synchronisation with Exchequer.

Our Exchequer integration e-commerce solution will automatically synchronise your on-line shop with your Exchequer in near real time. As you change product information such as stock levels, pricing, discounts, customers and more in Exchequer - these changes will automatically be transferred to your on-line shop. When a new customer registers on the web site and successfully makes a payment their details will be transferred into Exchequer each with their own unique account code. Orders taken will also be transferred to Exchequer sales order daybook reflecting their account status and all relevant discounts.

"If you're not trading online, eventually you will not be trading at all . . ."

  • Your competitors probably are
  • People expect to trade online
  • 90% of UK use the internet
  • Mobile internet is a major growth area
  • Self service ordering reduces costs
  • Streamline stock quantity management
Ex-Commerce Exchequer Integration

Integration is what Ex-Commerce is all about

Unlike any other e-commerce product, Ex-Commerce has been designed from the ground up specifically to create a full integration with Exchequer.

Exchequer allows users to set up variable discount structures and price banding on both customer and stock level. Add to this the additional layers of currency and variable Tax per item it creates a complex discount matrix that other e-commerce systems simply cannot cope with. We have developed the Ex-Commerce Exchequer integration to fully replicate all the functionality of Exchequer, it will automatically synchronise all the pricing, discounts, tax, and currency variations to your e-commerce shop with 100% accuracy.

Customer accounts are an important part of the system and Ex-Commerce will automatically transfer new customer accounts into Exchequer each with their own unique customer account code which fully conforms with Exchequer so both the web system and Exchequer use the same account reference. In addition to this, multiple departments or staff within a single organisation can be assigned to the same account in Exchequer making it the only fully integrated B2B and B2C solution on the market.

We have a complete live demonstration facility to prove the concept of all features and functionality. Please contact us for a demonstration of how Ex-Commerce can transform your on-line business presence.